Digital Citizenship as I Know Now – Collections II

What is digital citizenship? Until recently, I have never heard the term in my life, and I’m sure my current understanding of the term is lacking. Based on the knowledge I have currently, digital citizenship refers to your online presence—the blogs that you have, the articles you write and post, the art that you create and share, etc. How you present yourself and conduct yourself online becomes your persona and how others see you; you are a citizen of the internet, so to speak.

A common phrase that is used in digital citizenship that parallels traditional concepts of citizenship is “You can find me on/in [insert website].” When a person says that they can be found on LinkedIn or, what they’re really referring to is where you can find their thoughts and bits and pieces of their personality. Everyone knows you cannot physically find them there, but you can find pieces and remnants of memories and ideas—which parallels traditional views of citizenship that include where the person’s mind and body are located. Now, with the internet, a person’s mind can be in many different places at once, even if the body isn’t.

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