Get Productive – Collections III

For this assignment, I briefly checked out all the links you included in the description. None really stood out to be until I came across Bullet Journal.

As a little bit of a background, I am a HUGE list maker, probably verging on the compulsive side of things. However, all my lists are on these little scraps of paper that I usually end up loosing. I’ve managed my lists in a variety of ways, including the document below being the most successful. I call them To-Do Blocks—an example can be located here (To Do Block Example). Basically, I put a title at the top for a group of items I need to do (say Digital Citizenship Course). Then, I list stuff and cross it off as I go. It’s nice because it is easy to create/customize because I can just make a table in Word, print it out, and go. It could be done solely on the computer as well, but I’m more of a hands-on type of person. Which is one reason Bullet Journal appealed to me. I also have this monster that I use religiously. I couldn’t find a dry-erase calendar that I liked. So, I made my own. I really like dry-erase because once I erase it, that task is gone and done with—no more stress.

I bought a little journal that had graph paper (my favorite type of paper). I set up a Bullet Journal according to the tutorial on the website. I’m testing it out now, and I’m liking it so far. In the past, I’ve noticed my little scraps of paper getting filled up really fast because I’m explaining everything on my list—making them very long. Bullet Journal offers a key system so you know what’s a task and and what’s event. This has helped make the lists shorter and more concise. After I get a little more familiar with it, I hope to use the same key system on my calendar. Then, I’ll have a color coded, key system 😀 Oh, and I like that the bullet journal has a future planning portion. I’m sure it will help me remember things and could serve as a replacement/supplement to the “Notes” section of my calendar.



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  1. This is pretty great. I’ve carried a pocket notebook for decades, slowly evolving my own system for using it. The Bullet Journal method definitely gave me some useful techniques that I’ve since adopted and adapted. For myself, paper-based productivity—particularly my notebooks—are key.

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