Grok and Korg II (Where are You Now? ) – Collections IV

I looked at Chelsey Zibell’s and Heather Marie’s Where are You Now? assignment that discusses an initial understanding of digital citizenship. I was interested in seeing where everyone else started from and their initial ideas to see how they compared to mine.

Starting with Heather’s post, I saw that Heather had a much stronger starting point than I did, probably because she has taught civics. I like how she broke the post up into citizenship and then expanded upon that to digital citizenship. She really seemed to have a pretty solid understanding of the term before she even explored it in the next assignment. She even got details such as online civic duty. She also brought up a good point: who governs the norms? What entity creates them and enforces them? If none, does that mean that there are real expectations? I thought that was an interesting point, and something to think about.

Chelsey and I seemed to have similar initial ideas of what digital citizenship was. We both brought up being a citizen of an online world/community and conducting yourself within those situations in a particular way. Also, we both mention sharing ideas online as being part of digital citizenship. I think her idea of having roles is interesting. I didn’t really think of that initially. However, if we parallel it to a traditional concept of citizen (which has roles) it would make sense for one to think that an online citizen would have roles. I suppose online, you would have more freedom to have whatever role you wanted, instead of offline life where roles sometimes get placed upon you.

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