Make and Share for Collections I (Mind Map)

I decided to make a mind map that was relevant to my life right now. If everything goes well, I should be moving to a city in Southeast Alaska. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about what needs to be done, and I thought organizing it might help. I tried adding pictures to make things prettier for you to look at.

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    1. It didn’t really help me to incorporate images. I’m more of a “lists and bullet points” type of person. However, I knew that this assignment called for more than just a list of words. Haha. So, I added the images to made it pretty to look at, and a lot of the mind maps that I saw on the internet were image-rich. That’s the main reason I added the images. What helped me (personally) the most to organize my thoughts was the outline I made before I produced the mind map. I mentioned this in one of my chapter reflections (yet to be posted on the blog), but sometimes unnecessary stuff (images, words, etc.) makes it harder for me to focus on the main points.

  1. Fair enough. It would have been more accurate to ask if organizing the concepts spatially, i.e. as an image map made any difference? I often work in outlines, but sometimes the linearity of text outlines and the inability to organize spatially (even if there are no images!) can be frustrating.

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