Part Three: Advice for Future Students

Dear future student,

This course is quite different than other courses you have taken. It is different than the typical online education course you have taken for the M.Ed program (if you’re in it). It is not your typical ‘read some stuff and talk about it’ type of education class. It takes a lot of online time and work (this is coming from someone with very little technological skills). It’s fun to explore new ways of communicating online, but it does take a lot of time. It is also hard to keep up if you don’t have a solid internet connection. The professor was really helpful and understanding when I had a month or so of very little internet access. I’m sure he’s still willing to help students out, but I would let him know ASAP. The last month I have had intermittent internet access, and it has been hard to keep up. I would advise you to do extra credit when you can. Having some extra points will help out if you can’t comment or connect as often as you’d like. Also, the professor is great about answering questions, even if they seem like they should be obvious. Ask away, especially during the intellectual property portion—it’s confusing.

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