Previous Your Choice Assignment – Collections III

I decided to do Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise (by Sarah Carstensen) from Collections II (10 pt). I chose this because I wanted to try something I’ve never done before. The song that popped un didn’t have any lyrics. So, I decided to write about what the music made me think of. The song that popped up was Petersburg Interlude by The Bee Eaters. The song made me think of summer time and the seasons. The first part of the Youtube video below shows the song that inspired me.

I decided to try a poem. The thing is, I don’t know anything about poetry. So, I looked online for various poem structures (most of which I could not understand). I came across this one called a name poem where you use the first letter of names to start the line. I remember doing something like this in high school, but I wanted to beef it up a little. So, I decided to make it longer and more complex than what the examples online typically were. My poem is below:

Many of the plants are out now
Iridescent insects shine in the sun
Slowly the berries start to ripen
Thinking of their sweet taste makes me hunger
Yet, I will not have their sweet taste for another month

Mechanically, the bees visit each flower
Assembling pollen to pass it on to the next
Retrospectively, I would have not taken these moments for granted
I would have soaked these moments in
Establishing these images as memories that would last far longer than the event

Major changes will happen soon
Colors will change from vibrant greens to rich reds and yellows
Nothing will escape the touch of the cool winds that will come
Encroaching snow sprinkles the mountain tops
Letting us all know just how close winter is
Little longer, and the warm breezes will turn to frost
Ice will replace waves and leaves will blanket the ground
Soon things will change, but for now, I will enjoy these summer moments while they are here

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  1. This is awesome! A great way to put this assignment together, music inspiring poetry. Another name for the kind of poem you made is an “acrostic” in case you ever find yourself searching again. There are some famous examples, including name acrostics, by Keats and Edgar Allan Poe out there.

    Most importantly: I enjoyed your poem. It reflects both an important experience and one that Alaskans and others who live in extreme climates will recognize.

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