Think About Your Thinking for Collections I

The Search and Research assignment was more difficult than I thought it would be. Usually, I have no trouble writing research papers, but for some reason I struggled with this. I think it was partially due to the fact that so many of the terms on the list were tech centered, and I’m not used to that world at all. I think you gave it as an option because it’s good for us to explore the tech world (hence the nature of the class) and explore some ways of thinking that we have probably never encountered, and if you’re going to do a Search and Research assignment, you’re going to explore all the terms at least a little to find which one you’d feel most comfortable writing about. Honestly, I still don’t fully understand a couple of the terms, a few of them were way over my head and some were too difficult to find seven sources for—a lot of the sources were very repetitive. If I were to give advice to someone doing these assignments, I would say start with the Make and Share first. I was in a real rut before I did something a little creative. It helped me get my brain focused on the research.

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  1. That’s great advice for the class (and generally): do a “Make and Share” or some other creative assignment first (or in between) to get the creative energy flowing.

    I enjoy your knack for identifying some of the goals of the assignment. I chose the specific terms I did intentionally for a few reasons, but one of the primary ones is that while they are technical/technology-oriented in name, they actually represent very human considerations. Learning to see through that often shallow veil to the fundamentally human, no-technology-required aspect of the vocabulary and concept is a higher-order intent of the class.

    In fact, for most of them, the concept remains sound (or at least worthy of consideration) even if the technology involved were nothing more than a hammer…

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