Weave It – Collections III

For this assignment, I looked over the following Fair(ish) Use submissions:

Kevin K.
Carolyn S.
Chris F.
And Mine for comparison

Some of the individuals used media in a similar way that I did, and other’s used it differently. In my Fair(ish) Use assignment, I used images, like Carolyn and Kevin. I thought it was interesting that Fliss decided to use a video as his fair use.

After reviewing everyone’s submissions, I read your (Chris Lott’s) input on the submissions and reflected on my submission and my understanding of fair use.

One thing that I really liked about Carolyn’s post is her brief descriptions of why it counted as fair use. It really showed understanding of the topic and allowed you to focus on the material (chilies) rather than the purpose of the assignment (fair use). I love the checklist that Kevin included—so much so that I saved it for later personal use. I also liked how Chris broke his explanations up into the four factors of fair use.

Ultimately, I think it was the layout of their submissions that I really liked. Mine kind of seemed scatter brained when I compared it to theirs—possibly because I’m still trying to wrap my head around the subject. Additionally, looking at the way that they practiced fair use allowed me to see some of the ways images and media could be used.

I’m know the assignment description says to answer questions that they have and to provide helpful links, but they actually answered some questions and helped me understand the material. For example, learning that you can take a video, edit it down, talk about aspects of those parts, and post it online was one questions that I had—well part of a question. I was wondering to what degree you could use broadcasts online. It was really surprising that you could use it as much as Chris did.

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  1. Having your questions answered is as good as—or even better than—answering those others might have. Very well done…you hit on what I agree to be interesting points of each of the different posts and clearly learned something along the way!

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