Work Together – Collections III

For the Work Together assignment, I paired up with Jessica T., Carolyn S., and Colton A.

We decided to make a video that depicted people’s current understanding of what digital citizenship is, and touched on digital literacy. I had joined the group just a little later than everyone else (due to me leaving the field and having a bit of confusion about my next collection). When I joined, the idea was already in place that it would be a video about people’s understanding of digital citizenship, but luckily I joined before work started.

We decided to mainly chat/plan via Slack. Carolyn was able to start a group chat for all of us. We exchanged emails, but Slack seemed to shine through as the main method of communication. We decided to share our video clips on a shared Google Drive. That way, we could all download and view each other’s clips.

In hindsight, I think it may have been better to communicate in a different way—perhaps texting so quicker responses could occur. I think slow response time was the main issue that we faced. I know all of us had so many things happening outside of this class as well, and that sometimes makes group work difficult. I think one of the best ideas was to create a shared Google Drive, even though it can take a while for the videos to upload.

If students in the future decide to make a video together, I would recommend they set up some sharing system to share videos. I think it would be good to maybe find an ‘example video’ on Youtube so everyone can set up their interview similarly (we had a variety of directing styles 🙂 ). And lastly, I would recommend finding a communication system where everyone could reach each other fairly quickly, and establishing that system from the beginning.


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this but, in the meantime, appreciate your comments on the process.

    Working with video collaboratively is kind of a bear…kudos for taking that on! In my experience with similar projects, I think you learned two important things: having a synchronous or near-synchronous method of communication in place is surprisingly critical…and doing some kind of basic scripting or setup so that the diverse communication styles mesh together a little bit really helps.

    1. This was my first time doing a group project that was based purely online and without scheduled meeting times (typically my classes had times were we had to meet via Blackboard Collaborate). It was a learning experience. I seem to be doing a lot of things in this class that I’ve never done before. Haha.

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